Should we Kahoot it? Using game-based learning and quizzes for fun and quick learning activities

October 18, 2022, 1:30 to 4:00 pm

Tools like Kahoot make learning fun and engaging for learners while allowing instructors to quickly assess learner’s progress. With so many tools to choose from, like Kahoot, Quizlet, Pear Deck, Mentimeter, and so many more, what are others in literacy programs using? How are they using it? What works well?

Join us for a discussion with guest presenters and Tech Q&A to share and explore how instructors use game-based tools with learners in synchronous and asynchronous environments.


Organizations/presenters from various sectors will be represented during the discussion component of the event.

Carrie Wakeford

Executive Director at Ontario Central South (LOCS)

Summer Burton

Project Manager at Literacy Link South Central (LLSC)

With a corporate background that includes adult education and administration, Summer has experience in classroom and workshop facilitation, writing, editing, coaching and mentoring. She has done extensive work in curriculum development, and her key focuses include adult and accelerated learning philosophies, play-based learning, gamification in education, and effective communication. In 2021 Summer was chosen as the winner of the 17th annual Council of the Federation Literacy Award for Ontario for her work in innovative program development and design.

Wendy Teahen

Group Instructor at The Literacy Group of Waterloo Region