AlphaPlus Virtual Showcases 2024

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Spring sessions begin this May! New starting time!

This Spring, we will showcase the explorative and innovative work done by the literacy field representatives who joined the AlphaPlus working groups to help build:

- Open Educational Resources (OER) collection, facilitated by Christine Pinsent-Johnson
- Planning A Lesson (PAL) project, facilitated by Olga Herrmann.  

Join us to meet the working group facilitators and participants, explore the resources they developed and curated, learn about the processes/digital tools they used to collaborate, and the impact their work had on them and their programs. 

You will walk away inspired and with practical resources developed by the literacy community for the literacy field. 

Each Virtual Showcase discussion is 1.5 hours. ASL interpretation is provided. 


Session 2:
Planning a Lesson (PAL) project:
What’s involved in creating an LBS lesson that flows?

Tuesday, June 18, 2024, 3 pm to 4:30 pm

A Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) lesson is a narrow, yet revealing window into the complexities, challenges, and rich opportunities so much a part of teaching adult learners who also are aiming to strengthen their digital skills. Whether you are teaching fully online, delivering instruction through a hybrid model, or are fully back in a physical classroom, planning an engaging lesson where skills are honed, connections are made, and a meaningful use of digital technologies is applied, is likely what you aspire to.

During the session, we will share how we came together as the Planning a Lesson (PAL) working group and explored the intricacies of lesson planning by considering the on-the-ground realities of teaching LBS learners and integrating technology whenever possible. Learn how we met regularly to discuss and identify the common challenges practitioners face before a lesson begins, during the lesson itself, and after a lesson, and how the insights we shared and the tasks we reflected on became the foundation for co-developing resources aimed at bringing flow and deeper learning into lesson planning.

Some tips and lesson planning resources will be shared, and you will get a sneak peek into the Planning a Lesson website that will house the PAL resources.

Session 1

AlphaPlus Open Educational Resources (OER) collection:
What is OER and why is it needed?

Delivered on Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Two years ago, AlphaPlus organized an advisory group to explore Open Educational Resources (OER) and establish criteria to build a collection for the field. The result is hundreds of FREE units, courses and instructional support materials (with more items being added) that you can use for reading, writing and math instruction, in addition to specific topics of interest to adult learners.

During the session we will introduce you to the collection and demonstrate how it fills a gap, look at a few example resources that rival paid resources and discuss priorities for adapting and modifying specific resources for your use in online and in-person settings.

FALL 2024

We will host two more virtual showcases in the Fall. Stay tuned for updates.