2024 Session 1:  
AlphaPlus Open Educational Resources (OER) collection:  
What is OER and why is it needed?

Delivered on Tuesday, May 21, 2024



AP Virtual Showcase 2024 - Session 1 OER - Public

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"I've been through every resource on OER and every link, and prepared a summary for my tutors - but I'm still learning more about it today!"

"What wonderful resources, Thank you so much for sharing. So much variety. Learners can also work on their own, some texts are read for them."

"Thanks for sharing these amazing OER! I love the catchy visual pictures with the hand outs, the sample form, the units with google slides. Such a great collection to investigate and use in my programs! A great intro into OER resources!"

"Excellent selection of resources accessible in one place. Thank  you so much for the effort that has been put into this!!"


Two years ago, AlphaPlus organized an advisory group to explore Open Educational Resources (OER) and establish criteria to build a collection for the field. The result is hundreds of FREE units, courses and instructional support materials (with more items being added) that you can use for reading, writing and math instruction, in addition to specific topics of interest to adult learners.

During the session we will introduce you to the collection and demonstrate how it fills a gap, look at a few example resources that rival paid resources and discuss priorities for adapting and modifying specific resources for your use in online and in-person settings.


Christine Pinsent-Johnson
Policy and Research Specialist – Education and Technology at AlphaPlus

With over three decades of experience in the adult learning sector, Christine has a robust understanding of the circumstances hindering learning opportunities and access, and the impact of effective adult learning-based policies and programs. She has been a literacy volunteer, tutor coordinator, computer and classroom instructor, curriculum developer and assessor in school board and community adult literacy programs..

As an organizational development consultant, Christine applies her understanding of system dynamics, learner experiences, accountability processes and metrics, and pedagogy to support equitable and relevant learning opportunities. An experienced researcher, she also draws from evidence-based insights for initiatives, including an understanding of digital disparities in Ontario and Canada and the development of blended learning approaches.

Guylaine Vinet

Organizational Development Specialist – Education and Technology

For more than 20 years, Guylaine has worked in the adult literacy sector. Beginning her career as a librarian supporting literacy practitioners in the deaf and francophone communities, she now assists LBS organizations and practitioners in evolving their knowledge and application of technology and learning using coaching, team training and resource sharing. 

As an organizational development specialist, Guylaine provides service in French and English, specializing in information and cloud content management, curating learning resources, learning with tablets and mobile devices and technology problem-solving. Her areas of interest and professional development include online privacy and safety as well as assistive technology and information management. 

In her collaborations with LBS organizations as a technology consultant, Guylaine supports teams and educators to build their online resource collection, better understand digital privacy safety and best practices  and manage websites and content. 

More guests will be added soon.